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10 tips for a smart traveller…

10 tips for a smart traveller…

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1. Know who is the travel agent who will trust the money and his family. It doesn’t matter if it is a small or a large office, as long as it is consistent and reliable.

2. Close your seats as soon as possible, in order to have better prices and time, because as the time pass, the prices are higher.

3. Watch out for departure and return times because in an afternoon arrival and return at noon valuable hours of travel are lost.

4.Check the location of the hotel, if it is located in the center or if it is close to a frequent means of transport to the city center.

5. Prepare early by issuing Passports or IDs when needed.

6. Read travel guides, in order to organize better your trip and the places you wants to visit, in your destination.

7. Have an emergency pharmacy with the medicines you may need.

8. Sunscreen, cardigan, water and snack to enjoy your trip.

9. Dramamines for nausea !!

10. Don’t let the time pass..It’s your dream trip …Enjoy it..

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