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Boat trip with children

Boat trip with children

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Traveling with kids is not always easy.

With a good mood and good  preparation, it will be done.



• On the ship you can take a walk to explore the ship but be careful to do it always accompanied by an adult.


• Pay attention to doors that open with difficulty and close abruptly.


 • Beware of stairs, which are usually steep.


 Remember to have with you …


• A change of clothes and a cardigan because on the deck there may be air while inside the ship, the temperature may be low by air conditioning.


• A book or toys that will help children have fun.


• Sports shoes because they slip on  the deck.


• A backpack with everything you need  helps parents who need to be on the move often or carrying their children.


• Load your children’s favorite songs  on an mp3 if you have a portable dvd, download their favorite movie.


• Avoid a lot of fluids before your  trip so that the children do not get mixed up during the trip.


 • If the trip is long, it helps to close a cabin, where young children will rest and relax.


Don’t forget that all companies have special discounts on children’s tickets or zero tickets for children up to 5 years old.


Have a nice trip!!